Frequently Asked Questions

What is Padel?

Padel is a racquet sport originating in Mexico, played on a smaller, enclosed court with walls. It’s typically played in doubles, uses a scoring system similar to tennis, and features solid perforated rackets and a ball with lower pressure for enhanced control and spin.

Pickleball is a paddle sport combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It’s played on a rectangular court with a lower net than tennis. Players use solid paddles and a perforated polymer ball. Scoring is based on faults, and games are usually played to 11 points, with a two-point winning margin. Pickleball is known for its simplicity and accessibility to all ages and skill levels.

Both sports require specific paddles/racquets and balls, available at our club for rent. Comfortable sports attire and shoes are recommended.

Absolutely! We welcome players of all skill levels, and we offer beginner classes and workshops to help you get started.

Of course! We encourage friends and family to join and enjoy the lively atmosphere, even if they’re not playing.